Sons and Lovers


D. H. Lawrence

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John Field Character Analysis

John Field is man with whom Mrs. Morel is friends as a young woman. She encourages him to follow his passion and go into the church, but John Field insists he must follow his father’s wishes and go into business. He gives Mrs. Morel a Bible that she keeps her whole life.
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John Field Character Timeline in Sons and Lovers

The timeline below shows where the character John Field appears in Sons and Lovers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Family, Psychology, and the Oedipus Complex Theme Icon
Christianity, Propriety, and Physicality Theme Icon
...and “proud” young woman and remembers being given a Bible by a young man called John Field , who grew up in the same town with her. (full context)
Family, Psychology, and the Oedipus Complex Theme Icon
Women’s Work and Women’s Rights Theme Icon
Mrs. Morel and John Field were friends and he wanted to be a minister. Mrs. Morel encouraged him in this,... (full context)