Spare Parts


Joshua Davis

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Fredi’s high school science teacher. Justus not only inspires Fredi’s philosophy of emphasizing hands-on work and making classwork exciting, but she also inspires Fredi to be a teacher. Even though he goes to college to become a doctor, she tells him that he is meant to be a teacher, and he follows her advice and starts taking education classes.
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Ann Justus Character Timeline in Spare Parts

The timeline below shows where the character Ann Justus appears in Spare Parts. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Mentorship Theme Icon
Curiosity, Creativity, and Adventure Theme Icon
...notebook paper and balsa wood for a science fair. He catches the eye of Ann Justus, a science teacher at Camelback, who signs him up for her seminar. (full context)
Mentorship Theme Icon
Curiosity, Creativity, and Adventure Theme Icon
Justus’s seminar is structured much like Fredi’s will come to be: with an emphasis on hands-on... (full context)
Mentorship Theme Icon
...He attends college at Arizona State University, but he finds himself dropping in frequently on Justus’s seminar, helping younger students. Justus watches him and pulls him aside one day, telling him... (full context)
Immigration, Prejudice, and the American Dream Theme Icon
Fredi laughs off Justus’s statement, but by his sophomore year he finds that he can’t focus on his classes... (full context)
Mentorship Theme Icon
Justus advises Fredi again that he should be a teacher. Fredi tries to argue why he... (full context)