Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi

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Colonization Term Analysis

In the 19th century, the American Colonization Society campaigned for colonization: freeing enslaved Black people but then forcing them to leave the U.S. and move somewhere else (preferably Africa). Thomas Jefferson favored the racist idea of colonization because he thought it would let white people keep full control of the U.S. and help Black go “civilize” the African continent.

Colonization Quotes in Stamped

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Chapter 10 Quotes

Black people didn’t want to go “back” to a place they’d never known. They’d built America as slaves and wanted to reap the benefits of their labor as free people.

America was now their land.

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Colonization Term Timeline in Stamped

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Chapter 10: The Great Contradictor
Racism vs. Antiracism Theme Icon Virginia. Even though they failed, their rebellion scared slaveowners, who were starting to favor colonization—or freeing Black people and sending them to Africa. A group called the American Colonization Society... (full context)
Power, Profit, and Privilege Theme Icon
Even though Thomas Jefferson still owned slaves, he liked the idea of colonization. When he became president, he kept contradicting himself. For instance, he passed a law to... (full context)
Racism vs. Antiracism Theme Icon
Power, Profit, and Privilege Theme Icon
Jefferson never stopped pushing for colonization. When sending Black people to Africa started looking unlikely, he proposed the new Louisiana Territory... (full context)
Chapter 11: Mass Communication for Mass Emancipation
Racism vs. Antiracism Theme Icon
History and the Present Theme Icon
How Racist Ideas Spread Theme Icon
...the American Colonization Society hired him to give a speech. But he didn’t believe in colonization—he believed in abolition, and he courageously said so in his speech. (full context)
Racism vs. Antiracism Theme Icon
History and the Present Theme Icon
How Racist Ideas Spread Theme Icon
...Virginia and slaveholders responded by getting crueler than ever before. In response, Garrison wrote an anti-colonization book, founded the American Anti-Slavery Society, and started distributing millions of antislavery pamphlets. (full context)