Station Eleven


Emily St. John Mandel

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Station Eleven: Chapter 27 Summary & Analysis

Seven years before the collapse, Jeevan Chaudhary books an interview with Arthur Leander. Jeevan worked previously as a paparazzo, but has decided to break into entertainment journalism. Jeevan is worried that Arthur will recognize him as the man who took the embarrassing photo of Miranda, but Arthur doesn’t seen to know. Arthur takes a liking in Jeevan, and decides to give him an exclusive story. On the condition he won’t tell another soul for twenty-four hours, Arthur tells Jeevan that he is leaving Elizabeth Colton for Lydia Marks. He says that nothing bad has ever happened to Elizabeth, and that he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. He is using Jeevan’s story as an incentive to force himself to tell his wife he’s leaving her. Jeevan will make it a sensitive story, and will say that Arthur and Elizabeth are committed to co-parenting their young son Tyler.
In a new timeline, we see another coincidental or fated intersection of Jeevan and Arthur, but Jeevan is still in his transition from paparazzo to EMT trainee. Working as an entertainment journalist, he provides the opportunity for Arthur to force himself into action. Not only is Arthur leaving his second wife, but he is also unable to do so without the pressure of the story’s looming publication. This is an extremely unflattering moment for Arthur, who at this time has just had his son Tyler, on whom these actions will have a large impact in the future.
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