Station Eleven


Emily S. J. Mandel

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Station Eleven: Chapter 31 Summary & Analysis

This chapter is another excerpt from François Diallo’s interview of Kirsten. Kirsten says that the night of the collapse, she was in Toronto in a production of King Lear. Arthur Leander had a heart attack on stage, and before he died, a mystery audience member tried to save him. Kirsten remarks that the man was kind to her, and asks if François knew his name from the obituary. François says that he’s not sure anyone does.
Amidst telling the story of Jeevan’s survival, Mandel cuts to another interview excerpt that shows that while Jeevan survives and the knowledge of his heroic deed is passed on, his name is lost to history simply by virtue of not being included in Arthur’s obituary. This death obviously has a huge impact on young Kirsten, since she isolates it as an important moment in her life even though it immediately preceded the death of her parents and almost everyone she’s ever known.
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