Swami and Friends


R. K. Narayan

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Swami’s unnamed baby brother is born midway through the novel. While Swami at first thinks little of his brother, he soon grows fond of him and admires how quickly he learns and grows. Swami’s brother also presents a unique challenge to Swami, in that he occupies the family’s attention and makes it so that Swami is no longer the sole focus of his parents’ and grandmother’s affection.

Swami’s Brother Quotes in Swami and Friends

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The Political and the Personal Under British Colonial Rule Theme Icon
Chapter 7 Quotes

‘I say, Swami,’ said the Pea, ‘these things grow up soon. I have seen a baby that was just what your brother is. But you know, when I saw it again during Michaelmas I could hardly recognize it.”

Related Characters: “The Pea” (speaker), Swami, Swami’s Brother
Page Number: 49
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 18 Quotes

Swaminathan had a sense of supreme well-being and security. He was flattered by the number of visitors that were coming to see him. His granny and mother were hovering round him ceaselessly, and it was with a sneaking satisfaction that he saw his little brother crowing unheeded in the cradle, for once overlooked and abandoned by everybody.

Related Symbols: Cricket
Page Number: 173
Explanation and Analysis:
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Swami’s Brother Character Timeline in Swami and Friends

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Chapter 8
Education and Oppression Theme Icon
The Fluidity of Identity Theme Icon
Innocence, Family, and Growing Up Theme Icon
...his list. As he leaves his father’s office, his father asks him to move the baby out of the hall so that his father won’t have to hear the baby crying. (full context)