Sweet Bird of Youth


Tennessee Williams

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Sweet Bird of Youth Characters

Chance Wayne

The play’s protagonist, an aspiring actor who has been in love with the beautiful Heavenly Finley since he was a teenager. When he was growing up in St. Cloud, Chance planned to use his strapping… read analysis of Chance Wayne

Alexandra Del Lago / “The Princess Kosmonopolis”

An over-the-hill actress who has recently tried to make a comeback to the big screen. On the night of her new film’s premiere, though, she became convinced that everyone thought she was old and pathetic… read analysis of Alexandra Del Lago / “The Princess Kosmonopolis”

Heavenly Finley

The woman with whom Chance Wayne is obsessed. Heavenly has known Chance for a long time—in fact, her first time having sex was with Chance when she was only fifteen. Perhaps because of this, her… read analysis of Heavenly Finley

Boss Finley

A racist local politician, and Heavenly Finley’s father. Boss Finley is a rich man who believes Chance Wayne isn’t good enough for his daughter. This is why Chance has spent his youth trying to… read analysis of Boss Finley

Tom Junior

Boss Finley’s loyal son, and Heavenly’s brother. Tom Junior has organized a group of rowdy young men like himself in support of his father’s political campaign. In keeping with this loyalty, he doesn’t… read analysis of Tom Junior
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Miss Lucy

Boss Finley’s mistress, who lives on his dime at the Royal Palms Hotel. Whenever Tom Junior or Heavenly bring up Miss Lucy to their father, he pretends he doesn’t know who they’re talking about… read analysis of Miss Lucy

Aunt Nonnie

Heavenly’s aunt, and the sister of Boss Finley’s dead wife. Aunt Nonnie has a soft spot for Chance, so much so that she tries to warn him to leave St. Cloud before… read analysis of Aunt Nonnie

Dr. George Scudder

A doctor in St. Cloud who practices at the hospital owned by Boss Finley. Scudder is the first person to visit Chance in the Princess’s hotel room, telling him that he should leave… read analysis of Dr. George Scudder
Minor Characters
The Heckler
A man described as a “hillbilly” who heckles Boss Finley at seemingly every political event at which the politician speaks. Without fail, the heckler stands up and starts shouting about the operation Heavenly had to rid herself of the STD Chance gave her.
The assistant manager of the Royal Palms Hotel, where Chance Wayne is holed up with Alexandra Del Lago. Despite the fact that Alexandra wants anonymity, Hatcher feeds information about her and Chance’s activities to Boss Finley.
A bartender at the Royal Palms Hotel who “feels the dignity of his recent advancement from drugstore soda fountain to the […] cocktail lounge.”
A waiter at the Royal Palms Hotel.
One of Chance’s former friends from St. Cloud, who now seems weary of Chance and his life as an opportunistic grifter.
Another one of Chance’s former friends from St. Cloud.
Bud’s romantic partner, and one of Chance’s former friends from St. Cloud.
Scotty’s romantic partner, and one of Chance’s former friends from St. Cloud.