That Evening Sun


William Faulkner

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That Evening Sun Characters

Quentin Compson

Quentin Compson, the narrator of “That Evening Sun,” tells the story as an adult looking back on his childhood memories of the Compson family’s doomed black servant, Nancy. A sensitive and observant child, Quentin… read analysis of Quentin Compson


Nancy is the Compson’s black servant who works for the family while their regular servant, Dilsey, is sick. Due to her race and position in society, Nancy is very poor and is forced to… read analysis of Nancy

Caddy Compson

Caddy is the second eldest of the Compson children and the sister of Quentin and Jason. Caddy is portrayed as naïve and curious throughout the story. She is fascinated by Nancy and the events… read analysis of Caddy Compson

Jason Compson

Jason is the youngest of the Compson children and only about four years old when the events in the story take place. Jason is just beginning to learn the rules of the society roundabout him… read analysis of Jason Compson

Mr. Compson

Mr. Compson is the father of Quentin, Caddy, and Jason. A wealthy white man, he employs Nancy and Dilsey as servants. Although Mr. Compson is relatively sympathetic towards Nancy (he lets her… read analysis of Mr. Compson
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Jesus, Nancy’s abusive husband, is a threatening figure throughout the story. Jesus, who carries a razor, threatens to kill the man who got Nancy pregnant, and Mr. Compson has told Jesus to stay away… read analysis of Jesus

Mrs. Compson

Mrs. Compson is the mother of Quentin, Caddy, and Jason, and the wife of Mr. Compson. Mrs. Compson comes across as spoiled, pampered, and petulant. She is jealous and suspicious of Nancyread analysis of Mrs. Compson

Mr. Stovall

Mr. Stovall is a “respectable” white man who lives in Jefferson. As a “cashier at the bank and a deacon in the Baptist church,” he is held in high esteem among the community. Yet Mr… read analysis of Mr. Stovall
Minor Characters
Dilsey is the Compson’s maid who is replaced by Nancy while Dilsey is sick.
Aunt Rachel
Aunt Rachel is a black woman who lives in “Negro Hollow” and may or may not be Jesus’s mother. The fact that Aunt Rachel sometimes admits to this and sometimes does not suggest that there are times when she is ashamed of her son’s behavior.