The 57 Bus

The 57 Bus


Dashka Slater

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Nancy O’Malley Character Analysis

The district attorney of Alameda County. O’Malley has no problem trying Richard as an adult for his assault on Sasha, and she condemns the attack as a hate crime, which she considers a form of “discrimination” similar to “segregation.” O’Malley is convinced that Richard requires a “structured environment,” and she insists that restorative justice is an inappropriate approach to his punishment. In O’Malley’s opinion, Richard belongs in prison.
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Nancy O’Malley Character Timeline in The 57 Bus

The timeline below shows where the character Nancy O’Malley appears in The 57 Bus. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3: The Desk
Discrimination and Social Justice Theme Icon
Nancy O’Malley , the Alameda County district attorney, has no problem charging Richard as an adult. She... (full context)
Adolescent Crime vs. Adult Crime Theme Icon
One day in November, Nancy O’Malley is surprised to receive a letter from the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the... (full context)
Part 4: The People vs. Richard
Accountability, Redemption, and Forgiveness Theme Icon
...justice, Du Bois says, but it will do nothing to lessen Richard’s sentence. The DA, Nancy O’Malley , refuses as well. “We cannot ignore what he did,” she says. (full context)
Part 4: The Deal
Accountability, Redemption, and Forgiveness Theme Icon
In October, Nancy O’Malley , the district attorney, “abruptly withdraws” Richard’s five-year offer. “No! No! No!” Jasmine yells. “I’ve... (full context)
Part 4: A Structured Environment
Discrimination and Social Justice Theme Icon
Accountability, Redemption, and Forgiveness Theme Icon
Nancy O’Malley can’t say for sure why her office withdrew Richard’s original offer. “It keeps getting continued... (full context)