The 57 Bus

The 57 Bus


Dashka Slater

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The 57 Bus: Part 3: The Ten O’clock News Summary & Analysis

Later that night, Kaprice watches the evening news. She does so every night; it is “part of her preparation for the next day at school.” Chances are, if there is trouble in Oakland on any given day, it is connected to one of her students somehow. Kaprice “shakes her head” as she watches the news report about Sasha’s attack. “Who would do something like that?” she wonders.
Kaprice’s evening preparation is another indication of the interconnected nature of Oakland society. Since everyone’s “stories tangle together,” the news gives her an idea of what the next day has in store for her. Her question, of course, is highly ironic, since one of her own students is responsible for the fire.
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