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The 57 Bus: Part 4: Not Wanting To Summary & Analysis

Debbie and Karl “don’t feel much need for restorative justice.” Debbie can’t imagine what could even come it. “I’m kind of not wanting to do that,” she says. Debbie doesn’t want anything to do with Richard’s punishment (she’s “wary about making any recommendations”), but she is convinced that she doesn’t want him tried as an adult. Debbie says she “doesn’t have enough information” to judge Richard.
Ironically, it is Richard’s lack of remorse that causes Debbie to feel disconnected from his punishment. She is unaware of Richard’s remorse (Sasha still hasn’t seen Richard’s letters), which is exactly what restorative justice seeks to encourage. Restorative justice would provide Debbie with the information she needs to be more involved in Richard’s punishment. 
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