The Abolition of Man


C. S. Lewis

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The Abolition of Man Characters

C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis (1898–1963) was a British author, professor of English literature, and Christian apologist. He is most well-known for authoring The Chronicles of Narnia children’s series as well as Christian theological books like Mereread analysis of C. S. Lewis

Gaius and Titius

Gaius and Titius are pseudonyms which C. S. Lewis supplies to mask the identities of Alec King and Martin Ketley, authors of the 1939 textbook, The Control of Language: A Critical Approach to Reading andread analysis of Gaius and Titius


Orbilius is another author with whom C. S. Lewis deals more briefly in The Abolition of Man. The name is a pseudonym which Lewis uses to mask the identity of E. G. Biaggini, author… read analysis of Orbilius