The Abolition of Man


C. S. Lewis

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Orbilius Character Analysis

Orbilius is another author with whom C. S. Lewis deals more briefly in The Abolition of Man. The name is a pseudonym which Lewis uses to mask the identity of E. G. Biaggini, author of the 1936 textbook The Reading and Writing of English. Lewis critiques Orbilius chiefly for offering a superficial explanation of the use of anthropomorphism in literature.
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Orbilius Character Timeline in The Abolition of Man

The timeline below shows where the character Orbilius appears in The Abolition of Man. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Men Without Chests
Education, Emotional Sentiment, and Ethics Theme Icon
Objective Value, Human Virtue, and Societal Health Theme Icon
Lewis critiques a second book, by an author he names Orbilius. Orbilius criticizes an anthropomorphized treatment of animals—in which horses are praised as “willing servants” of... (full context)