The Art of Racing in the Rain


Garth Stein

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The Art of Racing in the Rain Characters


The canine narrator of the story; a lab mix. Enzo is owned by Denny, and later Eve and their daughter Zoë as well. Enzo believes his father was an Airedale Terrier because he believes… read analysis of Enzo


A professional racecar driver, husband to Eve and father to Zoë. He picked Enzo out of a litter of puppies a year before he met Eve. Denny works at a specialty European car shop… read analysis of Denny


Denny's wife and Zoë's mother, and daughter to Maxwell and Trish. Eve is a very organized and meticulous person who works in a clothing store in Seattle, and she is the family's… read analysis of Eve


Denny and Eve's daughter; she is eight years old at the end of the novel. She is a bright, happy, and loving child who admires Denny greatly and strives to please Eve. She loves… read analysis of Zoë


Eve's overbearing father, Zoë's grandfather and Denny's father-in-law. Enzo often refers to him and his wife, Trish, as “The Twins” due to the fact that their clothes often match and they… read analysis of Maxwell
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Eve's mother, Zoë's grandmother and Denny's mother-in-law. Enzo often refers to Trish and her husband, Maxwell, as “The Twins.” Trish cares only for the wellbeing of her daughter and Zoë, and… read analysis of Trish


The daughter of one of Eve's cousins. She is 15 when Denny, Zoë, and Enzo first meet her and she develops a major crush on Denny. When Denny rejects her advances, she… read analysis of Annika
Minor Characters
Denny's best friend and a coworker at the auto shop. Mike is very supportive of Denny's racing career and his family, later providing care for Enzo when Denny is unable to be at home.
Mike's partner, a kind man who is charged with watching Enzo when Denny is in court.
Mark Fein
Denny's first lawyer, a very large and imposing man who allows Denny to pay him in part by servicing his cars for free.
Mr. Lawrence
Denny's second lawyer. Enzo describes him as competent, but without much of a presence.
The “Alpha Man”
The man who bred Enzo and sold him to Denny. Enzo considers him evil and greedy, particularly because he refused to pay for anesthetic when Enzo’s dewclaws were removed.
Denny's boss at the auto shop.
The nurse who cares for Eve during her first night at her parents' home.
Don Kitch, Jr.
The owner of Seattle's premier racing school where Denny sometimes teaches.
Luca Pantoni
A Ferrari representative who offers Denny a job working in Italy.
Boy Enzo
A five-year-old Italian boy, possibly a reincarnation of Enzo, who dreams of becoming a racecar driver.
Denny's Mother
Absent for much of the novel, Denny's mother went blind when Denny was a teenager. She's married to Denny's father.
Denny's Father
Denny's father cares for his wife, Denny's mother. When Denny refused to stay and take care of his mother, Denny's father cut him out of their lives.
A crewmember at the Thunderhill Raceway.
A crewmember at the Thunderhill Raceway.
Alpha man
The man who bred Enzo. He's mean and lies.
Enzo's puppyhood vet.