The Bath


Janet Frame

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The Woman

The protagonist of “The Bath” is an elderly widow who lives alone. Each year on the anniversary of his death, she visits the grave of her late husband, John. At the story’s opening, she… read analysis of The Woman

John (Husband)

The woman’s late husband appears in the story only as a memory; he died 17 years before the start of the story, leaving the woman to take care of herself in her old age… read analysis of John (Husband)

The Parents

The woman’s parents are buried in the same cemetery as her husband. They have a large grave because they were buried back when the cemetery had more space, and their tombstone is elaborate… read analysis of The Parents

The Niece

The woman’s niece appears to be one of her only living relatives, and she visits once in a while to help the woman with her daily tasks. But the woman does not seem to… read analysis of The Niece