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The Niece Character Analysis

The woman’s niece appears to be one of her only living relatives, and she visits once in a while to help the woman with her daily tasks. But the woman does not seem to find any pleasure or comfort in this. In fact, the only time the woman reflects on her niece at length, it’s quite negative—she remembers feeling loathed and judged by her niece because she was not physically able to look at the beautiful clouds while they were doing laundry. This shows how being around people who don’t understand her can actually make the woman feel lonelier than she was before.

The Niece Quotes in The Bath

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The Bath Quotes

She remembered with a sense of the world narrowing and growing darker, like a tunnel, the incredulous almost despising look on the face of her niece when in answer to the comment ‘How beautiful the clouds are in Dunedin! These big billowing white and grey clouds - don't you think, Auntie?’

She had said, her disappointment at the misery of things putting a sharpness in her voice, ‘I never look at the clouds!’

Related Characters: The Woman, The Niece
Page Number: 320
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The Niece Character Timeline in The Bath

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Once, when her niece came to help her and remarked on the beauty of the clouds, the woman replied... (full context)