The Beautiful and Damned


F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Beautiful and Damned Characters

Anthony Patch

The protagonist of The Beautiful and Damned. Anthony is the grandson of Adam Patch and the suitor and eventual husband of Gloria Gilbert. Many of the supporting characters in the novel, such as… read analysis of Anthony Patch

Gloria Gilbert

Gloria meets Anthony Patch while she and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, are wintering at The Plaza in New York. The pair shortly begin dating, and within a few months they decide to… read analysis of Gloria Gilbert

Adam Patch

Anthony’s grandfather, who raised him after Anthony’s parents died. Adam Patch fought for the Union in the Civil War and channeled his bitter energy in the wake of the war into making himself a… read analysis of Adam Patch

Joseph Bloeckman

Gloria’s most serious suitor besides Anthony. Bloeckman works in the film industry, and Gloria maintains tenuous connections to him after she is married, partly because she is interested in acting and partly because… read analysis of Joseph Bloeckman

Richard Caramel

Attended Harvard along with Anthony Patch and Maury Noble. His friends also refer to him as Dick. Originally from Kansas City, he introduces his cousin Gloria Gilbert to Anthony and Maury when she and… read analysis of Richard Caramel
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Maury Noble

Anthony Patch thinks of Maury as his best friend. They spend most of their time together drinking and making fun of their friend Richard Caramel for taking his work as a writer too seriously. For… read analysis of Maury Noble

Dorothy Raycroft

The woman with whom Anthony has an affair while he is away training for the army. Much like his interest in Gloria, his initial obsession with Dorothy dissipates once they are involved with one… read analysis of Dorothy Raycroft

Mrs. Gilbert

Gloria’s mother. When Anthony meets Mrs. Gilbert, he is struck by what seems to be a complacency that has developed out of decades of submission to her husband. She is most enthusiastic about Bilphism… read analysis of Mrs. Gilbert


Adam Patch’s secretary, Shuttleworth replaces Anthony as the heir to the Wall Street tycoon’s fortune. When Anthony and Gloria win their lawsuit to have the inheritance reinstated, Shuttleworth reportedly dies of suicide in a… read analysis of Shuttleworth


Anthony and Gloria’s Japanese servant at their country house. Given Fitzgerald’s use of the novel to make social critiques, it is worth noting that Tana is one of the only people of color to… read analysis of Tana
Minor Characters
Mr. Gilbert
Gloria’s father. Like Bloeckman, he has ties to the film industry that might contribute to Gloria’s flirtation with the idea of being a starlet. He often finds himself frustrated with Gloria because she is more difficult to control than Mrs. Gilbert.
Anthony’s servant at his city apartment.
Muriel Kane
Gloria’s friend. Muriel is depicted as rather unintelligent and less fashionable than Gloria.
Rachael Jerryl
Gloria’s friend. Rachael is described as a “Jewess” who tries to imitate Gloria.