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Eugene Xu is a “quant” (a quantitative analyst who uses math and statistics to provide information about investments) who works for Greg Lippman, and who Lippman brings to meetings to convince skeptical potential investors like Steve Eisman, Vinny Daniel, and Danny Moses. Though he’s from China and Lippman claims he can’t speak English (to give the impression that Xu is a real number whiz), in fact, he can speak English.

Eugene Xu Quotes in The Big Short

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the W.W. Norton edition of The Big Short published in 2010.
Chapter 3 Quotes

The argument stopper was Lippmann’s one-man quantitative support team. His name was Eugene Xu, but to those who’d heard Lippmann’s pitch, he was generally spoken of as “Lippmann’s Chinese quant.” Xu was an analyst employed by Deutsche Bank, but Lippmann gave everyone the idea he kept him tied up to his Bloomberg terminal like a pet. A real Chinese guy—not even Chinese American—who apparently spoke no English, just numbers’ China had this national math competition, Lippmann told people, in which Eugene had finished second. In all of China. Eugene Xu was responsible for every piece of hard data in Lippmann’s presentation. Once Eugene was introduced into the equation, no one bothered Lippmann about his math or his data. As Lippmann put it, “How can a guy who can’t speak English lie?”

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Eugene Xu Character Timeline in The Big Short

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One of Lippmann’s most persuasive arguments is his work with Eugene Xu , a “quant” (meaning a quantitative analyst who uses math and statistics to provide information... (full context)