The Big Short


Michael Lewis

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Porter Collins Character Analysis

Porter Collins is an ex-Olympic oarsman and another member of the FrontPoint Partners team with Steve Eisman, Vinny Daniel, and Danny Moses. He is a team player who admired Eisman’s work before FrontPoint, and his intense experience as an Olympian allows him to be a level head on the team: at one point he tries to talk Danny down when Danny thinks he’s having a heart attack (which turns out to only be a panic attack).
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Porter Collins Character Timeline in The Big Short

The timeline below shows where the character Porter Collins appears in The Big Short. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Outsiders vs. Conformists  Theme Icon
...unusual style attracts a certain type of person. Vinny comes to FrontPoint Partners right away. Porter Collins , a former Olympic oarsman who previously worked with Eisman, also comes. Finally, there’s Danny... (full context)