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The idea of “swing,” the state during which oarsmen row in perfect synchronicity (and also row most effectively), symbolizes the unity and bond of brotherhood between the nine American rowers at the 1936 Olympics. Swing is described as a kind of ideal state of harmony, one that can only be achieved when all the rowers trust and respect each other. The brotherhood and togetherness of “swing” is also implicitly contrasted to the murderous hatred and racism that motivated Hitler and the Nazis.

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Chapter 14 Quotes

As they flew down the last few hundred yards, their eight taut bodies rocked back and forth like pendulums, in perfect synchronicity. Their white blades flashed above the water like the wings of seabirds flying in formation. With every perfectly executed stroke, the expanse between them and the now exhausted Cal boys widened. In airplanes circling overhead, press photographers struggled to keep both boats in the frame of a single shot.

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Chapter 9
Teamwork and Trust Theme Icon
One of the most important concepts in rowing, Brown says, is the concept of “swing.” Swing is a moment in which all eight oarsmen are rowing in perfect unison, so... (full context)
Chapter 13
Teamwork and Trust Theme Icon
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...for Don Hume to pick up the stroke race slightly, and Washington rowed in perfect swing, winning the race by three boatlengths, and setting a new record for the course. Ulbrickson... (full context)
Chapter 14
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Sports, Politics, and Community Theme Icon
Propaganda Theme Icon
...varsity boys had been perfecting their strokes, to the point where they could row in swing without even trying—they knew they were in great shape for the regatta. (full context)
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East Versus West Theme Icon
...a higher rate—they were three boatlengths behind. Then, as if by magic, Washington settled into swing: the rowers seemed to be rowing with perfect efficiency. The boat moved into third, then... (full context)