The Breadwinner


Deborah Ellis

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The Breadwinner Terms


A burqa is a long black garment that covers a woman’s body entirely from head to toe. For women in the novel, going out without wearing a burqa is illegal. Burqas also make it hard… read analysis of Burqa


A chador is a scarf or cloth that women and girls wear to cover their hair. read analysis of Chador


Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez are garments worn by both men and women, consisting of long trousers and a long top. Men’s shalwar kameez are all one color and have pockets; women’s versions are often patterned and embellished… read analysis of Shalwar Kameez


In Islam, sharia is a body of teachings and Quran-based guidance that helps Muslims live in accordance with God’s will. While Sharia is commonly mistaken for a kind of law in itself, fiqh is the… read analysis of Sharia
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Taliban / Talib

The Taliban is a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist military group and political movement that controls Afghanistan. The group is referred to as the Taliban; an individual member is a Talib. Their name means “religious scholar,” and… read analysis of Taliban / Talib


A toshak is a narrow mattress that take the place of seating or beds. read analysis of Toshak