The Buried Giant


Kazuo Ishiguro

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The Buried Giant Characters


Axl is an elderly Briton and Beatrice’s husband. They live alone together in the back room of a warren in which they are regularly mistreated, especially after the pastor decides to take away their… read analysis of Axl


Beatrice is an elderly Briton and Axl’s wife. Although their memories of their past have been taken away by a mysterious mist created by Querig’s breath, Beatrice loves Axl and is determined to… read analysis of Beatrice


Wistan is a Saxon warrior traveling through England to see how the Saxons and Britons are living together and to slay the dragon Querig, whose breath has made everyone living in the country forget… read analysis of Wistan

Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain is both the nephew and a dedicated knight of King Arthur. As one of Arthur’s closest friends, Sir Gawain was entrusted with the responsibility of both overseeing Merlin as he cast a… read analysis of Sir Gawain


Edwin is a young orphan being raised by his aunt in the Saxon village where Axl and Beatrice stay at on the first night of their journey. Edwin’s mother was kidnapped by a group of… read analysis of Edwin
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King Arthur

King Arthur was king of the Britons and led them in a bloody civil war against the Saxons living in England. He gets Axl, who had been a great diplomat in his youth, to… read analysis of King Arthur


Querig is a female dragon that has been trapped in a pit at the top of a mountain by Merlin and King Arthur. King Arthur ordered Merlin to cast a spell on Querig’s breath… read analysis of Querig

Father Jonus

Father Jonus is a wise monk who is famous in England for his intelligence and ability to make medicines that heal all kinds of illnesses and injuries. He lives in a monastery on a mountain… read analysis of Father Jonus

Axl and Beatrice’s Son

Axl and Beatrice know that they have a son who is an adult and may be married and have children, but they do not know where he lives. Axl and Beatrice leave their warren with… read analysis of Axl and Beatrice’s Son

The Narrator / The Boatman

The boatman is responsible for carrying people to the island, but is also responsible for putting couples who want to go together through a test to determine whether or not their marriage is strong… read analysis of The Narrator / The Boatman


Merlin is a legendary wizard who practiced alchemy and magic in Arthurian England. Merlin was a valued friend of King Arthur and was highly respected by Arthur’s knights. During one of the bloodiest battles between… read analysis of Merlin

Edwin’s Mother

Edwin’s mother was kidnapped by a mysterious band of men when Edwin was very young. Edwin does not know where his mother is, but somehow knows that she has been travelling all over the… read analysis of Edwin’s Mother


Horace is Sir Gawain’s faithful war horse. Horace obediently follows Gawain’s orders and seems to sense when things are not right—as when Sir Gawain and he stumble on a group of widows who want… read analysis of Horace

Father Ninian

Father Ninian is one of the monks at the monastery Beatrice, Axl, Wistan, and Edwin stop at on their journey. Father Ninian has taken a vow of silence, but he is very… read analysis of Father Ninian

Lord Brennus

Lord Brennus is a Briton and has accumulated a large army that threatens to bring war back to England. He sends out soldiers to find Wistan, who is a notorious Saxon warrior searching for… read analysis of Lord Brennus

Father Brian

Father Brian is one of the head monks at the monastery that Axl, Beatrice, Wistan, and Edwin stop at on their journey. Father Brian is at first very welcoming and kind to… read analysis of Father Brian


Although he is a Briton, Ivor is the mayor of a Saxon town that Beatrice frequently travels to with other women from the warren. Ivor and Beatrice are friends, and when she and Axlread analysis of Ivor

The Medicine Woman

The medicine woman is a friend of Beatrice’s in the Saxon town where she and Axl stay in on the first night of their journey. Beatrice goes to the medicine woman to ask about… read analysis of The Medicine Woman

The Pastor

The Pastor was a well-respected leader in Axl and Beatrice’s warren. He both makes and enforces the rules, but Axl and Beatrice feel he mistreats them. The pastor encouraged the warren to make Axl… read analysis of The Pastor


Steffa was an elderly man in Edwin’s home village. He was the one who first told Edwin that he had the spirit of a warrior and encouraged him to train as a soldier from… read analysis of Steffa

Old Woman

Axl and Beatrice meet the old woman while taking shelter from a storm in the beginning of their journey. The old woman is preparing to slaughter a rabbit to irritate the boatman, who is… read analysis of Old Woman


Edra was a young Briton woman whom Sir Gawain met during a major battle between Britons and Saxons. Edra as searching for the Saxon who killed her mother and sisters, and Sir Gawain promised… read analysis of Edra


Marta was a young girl living in Axl and Beatrice’s warren. One day, Marta went missing and everyone in the warren panicked and decide to go look for her, afraid that an ogre or… read analysis of Marta


A fellow Briton and companion of Axl’s many years ago when they were soldiers. Axl did not like Harvey because he believed Harvey was needlessly violent and vicious with even the most innocent people… read analysis of Harvey

Grey-haired Soldier

A soldier of Lord Brennus who is sent to look for Wistan and kill him. When he does find Wistan, the soldier does not recognize him at first and Wistan is able to get away… read analysis of Grey-haired Soldier