The Canterville Ghost


Oscar Wilde

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The Canterville Ghost Characters

Sir Simon de Canterville

Sir Simon is the titular character of The Canterville Ghost. He has been an inhabitant Canterville Chase all his life and its ghost since 1584, when, for unexplained reasons, he killed his wife (leaving… read analysis of Sir Simon de Canterville

Mr. Hirsham B. Otis

Mr. Otis is an American minister who purchases Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. He is the husband of Mrs. Otis and father of Washington, Virginia, and the Otis twins. During the… read analysis of Mr. Hirsham B. Otis

Virginia E. Otis

Virginia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis and sister to Washington Otis and the Otis twins. By the tale’s end, she is married to the Duke of Cheshire, who has dreamt… read analysis of Virginia E. Otis

The Otis Twins

Known informally as the Star and Stripes, the twins are the youngest children of Mr. and Mrs. Otis and brothers to Washington and Virginia Otis. While we never learn their actual names, their joint… read analysis of The Otis Twins

Washington Otis

Mr. and Mrs. Otis named Washington after George Washington, once again revealing their overblown American patriotism. Washington is the older brother to Virginia and the twins. Washington is responsible for constantly removing the bloodstainread analysis of Washington Otis
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Lord Canterville

Lord Canterville was the previous owner of Canterville Chase, prior to its sale to Mr. Otis. He inherited the home from his grandaunt, the Dowager Duchess. Lord Canterville never lived at the estate… read analysis of Lord Canterville

Mrs. Lucretia R. Otis

Mrs. Otis, born Miss Lucretia R. Tappan, was considered a “celebrated belle” back in New York City. Now in middle age, Mrs. Otis is the wife of Mr. Otis and mother to Washington, Virginiaread analysis of Mrs. Lucretia R. Otis

Mrs. Umney

Mrs. Umney is the long-time housekeeper of Canterville Chase, having served in the position for over fifty years. When Lord Canterville sells the property, he implores Mrs. Otis to retain Mrs. Umney in the… read analysis of Mrs. Umney

The Duke of Cheshire

The Duke of Cheshire is a young aristocrat who is smitten with Virginia and eventually marries her. The Duke first proposes to Virginia when she displays her horseback riding skills to him; however, she rejects… read analysis of The Duke of Cheshire