The English Patient


Michael Ondaatje

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Miss Morden Character Analysis

Lord Suffolk’s secretary. Lord Suffolk accepts Kip into his experimental bomb squad on Miss Morden’s recommendation, and she works closely with them in field, keeping notes as the men diffuse bombs. Miss Morden is part of “the Holy Trinity,” along with Lord Suffolk and Mr. Harts, and all three are killed in an explosion in Erith.

Miss Morden Quotes in The English Patient

The The English Patient quotes below are all either spoken by Miss Morden or refer to Miss Morden. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Love Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Vintage edition of The English Patient published in 1993.
Chapter VII Quotes

He looked back at the others, peered around the room and caught the gaze of the middle-aged secretary. She watched him sternly. An Indian boy. He smiled and walked towards the bookshelves. Again he touched nothing. At one point he put his nose close to a volume called Raymond, or Life and Death by Sir Oliver Hodge. He found another, similar title. Pierre, or the Ambiguities. He turned and caught the woman’s eyes on him again. He felt as guilty as if he had put the book in his pocket. She had probably never seen a turban before. The English! They expect you to fight for them but won’t talk to you. Singh. And the ambiguities.

Related Characters: Kip/Kirpal Singh, Lord Suffolk, Miss Morden
Related Symbols: Books , Kip’s Turban
Page Number: 187-8
Explanation and Analysis:
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Miss Morden Character Timeline in The English Patient

The timeline below shows where the character Miss Morden appears in The English Patient. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter VI. A Buried Plane
War and Nationality Theme Icon
God and Religion  Theme Icon
...been Lord Suffolk, and Kip confirms that he was. Lord Suffolk, along with his secretary, Miss Morden , and his chauffer, Mr. Fred Harts, were known as “the Holy Trinity,” Kip says,... (full context)
Chapter VII. In Situ
War and Nationality Theme Icon
British Colonialism and Racism Theme Icon
In 1940, Kip was in Westbury, England, with Lord Suffolk, Miss Morden , and Mr. Fred Harts. Kip was fond of Miss Morden, and she was the... (full context)
British Colonialism and Racism Theme Icon
...join him for a cup. He told Kip that he trusted him as he did Miss Morden and Mr. Harts, and Lord Suffolk and Kip soon grew close. Kip was just 21... (full context)
War and Nationality Theme Icon
British Colonialism and Racism Theme Icon
History, Words, and Storytelling Theme Icon
...led into a library for testing with 15 other men, none of whom were Indian. Miss Morden sat at a nearby desk, staring at him. Kip took a book off a shelf,... (full context)
British Colonialism and Racism Theme Icon
...race. He was, however, one of three selected by Lord Suffolk at the recommendation of Miss Morden . “I know you don’t drink,” Miss Morden had said to Kip when she arrived... (full context)
War and Nationality Theme Icon
Kip traveled England with Lord Suffolk, Miss Morden , Mr. Harts—“the Holy Trinity”—and five other sappers. After Kip had been in the unit... (full context)