The Fault in Our Stars


John Green

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The Fault in Our Stars Characters

Hazel Grace Lancaster

The novel’s narrator and protagonist, Hazel is a 16-year-old girl living with a terminal form of thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs. Because of her cancer she is forced to carry an oxygen… read analysis of Hazel Grace Lancaster

Augustus Waters

Hazel’s boyfriend, Augustus is a seventeen-year-old who has lost his leg due to a form of bone cancer called, osteosarcoma. August falls for Hazel immediately, and is drawn to her after she comments in support… read analysis of Augustus Waters


is Hazel and Augustus’ mutual friend. A rare form of eye cancer blinds Isaac, and his situation leads him to cynicism and anger. After being blinded, his girlfriend, Monica, leaves him, which is… read analysis of Isaac

Mrs. Lancaster

Hazel’s mother, Mrs. Lancaster is dedicated and loving. She exerts most of her energy caring for Hazel and learning everything she can about Hazel’s cancer. Mrs. Lancaster wants her daughter to have a normal… read analysis of Mrs. Lancaster

Augustus’s parents

Augustus’ parents are kind and hopeful people. They find hope in the platitudinous sayings they have embroidered and hung all over their house and have trust in God. Hazel watches them cope with Augustus’ death… read analysis of Augustus’s parents
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Peter Van Houten

The author of An Imperial Affliction, a novel Hazel becomes obsessed with. Hazel and Augustus believe that Van Houten can give them insight into what will happen to their families after they succumb to… read analysis of Peter Van Houten

Dr. Maria

Hazel’s primary cancer doctor, Dr. Maria works with Hazel and her family through her treatment. She is firm when she makes suggestions about Hazel’s treatment, but she wants Hazel to experience her life despite her… read analysis of Dr. Maria


Hazel’s friend and schoolmate, Kaitlyn is the stereotypical teenage girl. She is obsessed with shopping, boys, and juicy gossip. Kaitlyn’s presence in Hazel’s life shows the way in which Hazel’s cancer has separated her from… read analysis of Kaitlyn

Caroline Mathers

Augustus’s former girlfriend, Caroline Mathers died from brain cancer. Although Caroline does not appear in the novel, Augustus tells Hazel about Caroline’s decline and eventual passing. The details of her death shows the realities of… read analysis of Caroline Mathers


The protagonist of An Imperial Affliction, which tells the story of Anna’s passing from cancer. Hazel identifies with Anna’s experience, and appreciates the honesty with which Anna talks about her illness. Hazel believes that… read analysis of Anna
Minor Characters
Mr. Lancaster
Hazel’s father, Mr. Lancaster is constantly concerned about his daughter and often brought to tears over Hazel's condition. He does not research Hazel’s condition in the way Hazel’s mother does. Hazel feels guilty about the amount of time he spends working to pay for the expensive treatments.
Lidewij Vliegenthart
is a Dutch woman who works as an assistant for Van Houten. Lidewij initiates the connection between Hazel, Augustus and Van Houten, believing the connection will be good for Van Houten. Lidewij is a kind woman, and grows angry when Van Houten treats Hazel and Augustus with disdain.
The facilitator of the support group where Hazel and Augustus meet, Patrick is an optimistic cancer survivor who cares deeply about the teenagers in the support group. Patrick has lost both of his testicles because of his cancer.
Isaac's girlfriend, who leaves him after he is blinded by his eye cancer.