The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring


J.R.R. Tolkien

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The Company of the Ring / The Fellowship Term Analysis

A company of nine individuals (also known as the Fellowship) who are chosen by Elrond to represent the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in the quest to destroy Sauron’s One Ring.

The Company of the Ring / The Fellowship Quotes in The Fellowship of the Ring

The The Fellowship of the Ring quotes below are all either spoken by The Company of the Ring / The Fellowship or refer to The Company of the Ring / The Fellowship. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
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Book 2, Chapter 3 Quotes

“Slow should you be to wind that horn again, Boromir,” said Elrond, “until you stand once more on the borders of your land, and dire need is on you.”

“Maybe," said Boromir. "But always I have let my horn cry at setting forth, and though thereafter we may walk in the shadows, I will not go forth as a thief in the night.”

Related Characters: Boromir (speaker), Elrond (speaker)
Page Number: 272
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Book 2, Chapter 4 Quotes

"It was not the fault of the Dwarves that the friendship waned," said Gimli.

"I have not heard it was the fault of the Elves," said Legolas.

"I have heard both," said Gandalf; "and I will not give judgement now. But I beg you two, Legolas and Gimli, at least to be friends, and to help me. I need you both. The doors are shut and hidden, and the sooner we find them the better. Night is at hand."

Related Characters: Gandalf the Grey (speaker), Legolas Greenleaf (speaker), Gimli (speaker)
Page Number: 295
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Book 2, Chapter 8 Quotes

[Aragorn’s] own plan, while Gandalf remained with them, had been to go with Boromir, and with his sword help to deliver Gondor. For he believed that the message of the dreams was a summons, and that the hour had come at last when the heir of Elendil should come forth and strive with Sauron for the mastery. But in Moria the burden of Gandalf had been laid on him; and he knew that he could not now forsake the Ring, if Frodo refused in the end to go with Boromir. And yet what help could he or any of the Company give to Frodo, save to walk blindly with him into the darkness?

Related Characters: Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn / Strider, Boromir
Related Symbols: The One Ring, The Shards of Narsil / Anduril
Page Number: 359
Explanation and Analysis:

The travellers sat still without moving or speaking. On the green bank near to the very point of the Tongue the Lady Galadriel stood alone and silent. As they passed her they turned and their eyes watched her slowly floating away from them. For so it seemed to them: Lórien was slipping backward, like a bright ship masted with enchanted trees, sailing on to forgotten shores, while they sat helpless upon the margin of the grey and leafless world.

Related Characters: Frodo Baggins, Aragorn / Strider, Samwise (Sam) Gamgee, Boromir, Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck, Peregrin (Pippin) Took, Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli, Galadriel
Page Number: 367
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Book 2, Chapter 10 Quotes

"We of Minas Tirith have been staunch through long years of trial. We do not desire the power of Wizard-lords, only strength to defend ourselves, strength in a just cause. And behold! in our need chance brings to light the Ring of Power. It is a gift, I say; a gift to the foes of Mordor. It is mad not to use it, to use the power of the Enemy against him. The fearless, the ruthless, these alone will achieve victory. What could not Aragorn do? Or if he refuses, why not Boromir? The Ring would give me power of Command. How I would drive the hosts of Mordor, and all men would flock to my banner!"

Related Characters: Boromir (speaker), Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn / Strider, Sauron
Related Symbols: The One Ring
Page Number: 36
Explanation and Analysis:

"But I must go at once. It's the only way."

"Of course it is," answered Sam. "But not alone. I'm coming too, or neither of us isn't going. I'll knock holes in all the boats first."

Frodo actually laughed. A sudden warmth and gladness touched his heart.

[…] “ So my plan is spoilt!” said Frodo. “It is no good trying to escape you. But I'm glad, Sam. I cannot tell you how glad. Come along! It is plain that we were meant to go together. We will go, and may the others find a safe road!”

Related Characters: Frodo Baggins (speaker), Samwise (Sam) Gamgee (speaker)
Related Symbols: The One Ring
Page Number: 397
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