The Fun They Had


Isaac Asimov

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The Fun They Had Characters


Margie is the 11-year-old protagonist of the story and a friend of Tommy’s. The third-person-limited point of view is filtered through her childlike innocence and curiosity. Margie is a curious girl who is constantly… read analysis of Margie


Tommy is Margie’s 13-year-old friend who finds an extremely old book in his attic, complete with wrinkly, yellowing pages. Although Tommy shares the book with Margie and helps her understand how the schools of… read analysis of Tommy

County Inspector

The County Inspector is a mechanic who fixes Margie’s mechanical teacher when the lessons are too difficult for her. He is described as a “round little man with a red face and whole box… read analysis of County Inspector

Margie’s Mother / Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones is Margie’s mother. She expects Margie to succeed in her education and is disappointed when Margie has difficulties with her geography lessons. From the “sorrowful” look on her face, it seems that… read analysis of Margie’s Mother / Mrs. Jones