The Garden Party


Katherine Mansfield

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Em is Mr. Scott’s wife and mother to their five children. After his death, she is left without a livelihood. Laura encounters Em sitting by the fireplace at her house, her face swollen from crying, and thanks Laura for visiting despite seemingly not understanding why she would ever do such a thing. Em’s condition represents the pain that the rest of the Sheridans refuse to acknowledge—both the acute pain of Scott’s death and the ongoing pain of poverty in the cottages.
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Em Scott Character Timeline in The Garden Party

The timeline below shows where the character Em Scott appears in The Garden Party. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Garden Party
Empathy, Understanding, and Class Consciousness Theme Icon
Beauty, Refinement and Detachment Theme Icon
Childhood, Family and Independence Theme Icon
...the basket and leave. The woman who opened the door introduces Laura to her sister, Em, who is crying and looks as though she doesn’t understand why Laura is there. Laura... (full context)