The Garden Party


Katherine Mansfield

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Em Scott’s Sister Character Analysis

Em’s unnamed sister greets Laura upon her arrival at Scott’s house. Laura is terrified, both of the poor people who live in the cottages but also of how out-of-place she looks in her party clothes, but Em’s sister nevertheless insists that she come in. Even though Laura insists she wants to leave, Em’s sister brings her to Em and then to Scott’s body. Her leading questions recall Mrs. Sheridan’s, but her hospitality and comforting lines to Laura draw out the contrast between Mrs. Sheridan’s maternal style and the lower-class warmth that cook and Em’s sister exemplify.
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Em Scott’s Sister Character Timeline in The Garden Party

The timeline below shows where the character Em Scott’s Sister appears in The Garden Party. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Garden Party
Empathy, Understanding, and Class Consciousness Theme Icon
Beauty, Refinement and Detachment Theme Icon
Childhood, Family and Independence Theme Icon back out the front door but stumbles into the room where Scott’s body lies. Em’s sister figures that Laura wants “a look at ‘im” and removes the sheet that covers the... (full context)