The Garden Party


Katherine Mansfield

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Kitty Maitland Character Analysis

Kitty Maitland is the only named guest who attends the garden party, but the story doesn’t include any information about who she is or how she knows the Sheridans. She is clearly also a member of the colonial social elite; she calls at breakfast time and Laura adopts her mother’s refined English on the phone. Later, Maitland compares the green-clothed band to frogs as they set up in the garden’s tennis court. Her character largely serves to underscore and satirize the Sheridans’ class background.
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Kitty Maitland Character Timeline in The Garden Party

The timeline below shows where the character Kitty Maitland appears in The Garden Party. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Garden Party
Beauty, Refinement and Detachment Theme Icon
Childhood, Family and Independence Theme Icon
Laura answers the call from Kitty Maitland and, again imitating her mother’s voice, invites her over for lunch before the party. Mrs.... (full context)
Empathy, Understanding, and Class Consciousness Theme Icon
Beauty, Refinement and Detachment Theme Icon
After lunch, the band sets up in the corner of the tennis court and Kitty Maitland remarks that they look like frogs in their green outfits. Laurie returns from the office... (full context)