The Gift of the Magi


O. Henry

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The Gift of the Magi Characters


The narrator, although omniscient, tells most of the story from Della’s perspective. She’s described as young, affectionate, selfless, and somewhat hysterical, requiring Jim to comfort her when she’s upset. She cares deeply for Jim, and… read analysis of Della


Jim, Della’s husband, and “the lord of the flat,” is only twenty-two and heavily burdened by the need to support the household on a low salary. Despite this burden, however, he’s described as content, quiet… read analysis of Jim

Madame Sofronie

Madame Sofronie owns the hair shop to which Della sells her hair. She’s described as “large, too white, chilly,” and her manner with Della is brusque and to the point. She wastes no time… read analysis of Madame Sofronie