The Go-Between


L. P. Hartley

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Magnets crop up throughout The Go-Between, bringing up ideas of attraction and irresistible force. Like two lovers who can’t help but be together, if the positive and negative sides of a magnet are placed…

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The Zodiac

The zodiac is nothing less than the organizing principle for young Leo’s own personal cosmology. He is intoxicated by its pictograms and links its mystical atmosphere to the anticipation and excitement of the fledgling…

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The Heat / The Thermometer

Part of Leo’s initial love for the summer of 1900 is his newfound appreciation for hot weather. Having spent the previous summer in bed with fevers, his ability to move about in the heat…

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When Marian buys Leo a new suit to save him the blushes of wearing the “wrong” sort of clothes, she picks a fetching shade of green. He loves it at first; he fancies himself as…

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