The Golden Age


Joan London

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Malcolm Poole Character Analysis

One of the patients at the Golden Age. He has a tense relationship with his father, Mr. Poole, who’s unsympathetic to his son’s disability and criticizes him in front of the whole ward for being too exhausted to walk. While most of the children have touching relationships with their parents, Malcolm’s shows the toll that polio can take on family life.
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Malcolm Poole Character Timeline in The Golden Age

The timeline below shows where the character Malcolm Poole appears in The Golden Age. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
15. Christmas
Survival Theme Icon
Isolation vs. Solitude Theme Icon or sleeping in their rooms. Some are frustrated by their parents’ unconcealed pity, while Malcolm Poole is overwhelmed by his father’s insistence that he should be walking by now. Only Albert... (full context)