The Golden Notebook

The Golden Notebook


Doris Lessing

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Robert Brun Character Analysis

In the yellow notebook, Robert Brun is the stereotypically pretentious, well-dressed, and adulterous French editor of the magazine Femme et Foyer (meaning Woman and Home, a near-translation of Ella’s magazine Women at Home). Ella meets with him in Paris to try and buy a story for her “editress,” Patricia Brent, but it soon becomes clear that the story is not appropriate for a British audience. Ella spends the rest of the meeting watching Brun gawk at women who pass by until his “captive” fiancée Elise arrives. Ella sees Brun’s relationship with Elise as a failed marriage in the making, since Brun is clearly incapable of respecting or matching Elise’s loyalty.
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Robert Brun Character Timeline in The Golden Notebook

The timeline below shows where the character Robert Brun appears in The Golden Notebook. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Notebooks: 2
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Fact, Fiction, and Authorship Theme Icon
The next day, Ella visits the office of Monsieur Brun at Femme et Foyer. He is polite, if disinterested in the deal that serves as... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Robert Brun is frustrated but gives up on trying to change Ella’s mind when he sees a... (full context)