The Good Earth


Pearl Buck

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The doctor Character Analysis

Wang Lung brings a doctor to examine O-lan once he realizes she’s ill. The doctor tries to sell Wang Lung medicine for her, but keeps raising the price each time Wang Lung offers to pay because he can’t ensure her recovery. Wang Lung eventually realizes that this means O-lan will die no matter how much money he can offer.
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The doctor Character Timeline in The Good Earth

The timeline below shows where the character The doctor appears in The Good Earth. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 25
The Oppression of Women Theme Icon
...her to lie down. She does so, moaning, and he goes to town for a doctor. Wang Lung describes O-lan’s symptoms and brings him to the house. O-lan has fallen asleep.... (full context)
Rich vs. Poor Theme Icon
The Oppression of Women Theme Icon
Connection to the Earth Theme Icon
Wang Lung is terrified and shouts at the doctor to give her medicine. O-lan awakens. The doctor offers one medicine that won’t ensure recovery... (full context)