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R. K. Narayan

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The Railway

The railway, which comes to Raju’s hometown of Malgudi when he is still a child, represents modernization and industrialization. Raju and his family watch in awe as construction workers appear to build the tracks…

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The Serpent

The serpent, closely associated with Rosie, symbolizes feminine power and energy in the novel. The animal first makes an appearance when Rosie asks to see a dancing cobra, and Raju, playing the tourist…

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Water is an integral part of Raju’s final incarnation as a holy man, or “swami,” in the small village of Malgam. He ends up here after his release from prison, and as such the…

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The fictional town of Malgudi represents India in miniature. Like the country of which it is a part, Malgudi undergoes tremendous changes, including the arrival of industrialization and modernization, as symbolized by the railway line…

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