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A system of hereditary classes in Hindu society, which distinguishes between people on the basis of social status in relation to notions of hereditary purity and pollution. One’s caste often also determines one’s occupation. For instance, Rosie, who belongs to a lower caste in the novel, is a dancer by virtue of her place in the social hierarchy: members of her caste (and of her family) traditionally devote themselves to the temples as dancers. Transgressing caste divides, for instance by marrying outside of one’s caste, is frowned upon in Hindu society. This is one reason why Raju’s mother is outraged by the relationship between Rosie and her son Raju—as Rosie belongs to a lower caste than that of her own family.

Caste Quotes in The Guide

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Chapter 8 Quotes

“You are not of our family? Are you of our clan?” He again waited for her to answer and answered himself. “No. Are you of our caste? No. Our class? No. Do we know you? No. Do you belong to this house? No. In that case, why are you here? After all, you are a dancing girl. We do not admit them in our families. Understand?”

Related Characters: Raju (speaker), Raju’s Uncle (speaker), Rosie / Nalini, Raju’s Mother
Page Number: 133
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Chapter 5
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Gender and Feminism Theme Icon
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...that she comes from a family dedicated to the temples as dancers—the women of their caste are viewed as public women. As a girl Rosie had attended school, and had gone... (full context)
Chapter 8
Gender and Feminism Theme Icon
Tradition vs. Modernity Theme Icon
...into a dancer’s backstage boy. The uncle addresses Rosie disrespectfully, alluding scathingly to her low caste and class. Rosie is devastated, but the uncle doesn’t relent, telling her she must clear... (full context)