The Hate U Give


Angie Thomas

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Dry snitching Term Analysis

Dry snitching is the term Starr uses to describe telling on someone without directly stating their name. For example, Starr dry snitches during her television interview when she says Khalil only sold drugs to help pay off his mother’s debt to the “biggest drug dealer and gang leader in the neighborhood.” Though she does not mention King by name, she understands that anyone familiar with Garden Heights will know who she is talking about.
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Dry snitching Term Timeline in The Hate U Give

The timeline below shows where the term Dry snitching appears in The Hate U Give. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 16
Racism and Police Brutality  Theme Icon
The Power of Language Theme Icon
Community and Loyalty Theme Icon in Garden Heights. To the shock of her parents and Ms. Ofrah, she has dry snitched on King; anyone watching from Garden Heights will know exactly who she means. (full context)
Chapter 20
Community and Loyalty Theme Icon
...appears on guard even at Williamson; he has grown more protective of Starr following her dry-snitching on King, whom Carlos has said the police are watching closely. (full context)