The Haunting of Hill House


Shirley Jackson

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The Haunting of Hill House Characters

Eleanor Vance

Eleanor Vance is the isolated, fanciful, and disturbed protagonist of The Haunting of Hill House. A thirty-two-year-old woman who has spent the last eleven years—the majority of her adult life—caring alone for her invalid mother… read analysis of Eleanor Vance

Doctor John Montague

Doctor John Montague is an anthropologist with a secret passion for parapsychology—the study of supernatural psychic phenomena. Hoping to quietly advance his research away from the prying eyes of his judgmental colleagues, Doctor Montague rents… read analysis of Doctor John Montague


Theodora is a young and beautiful bohemian who lives with a female roommate in an unnamed city and is summoned to Hill House by Doctor Montague because of her reputation for psychic sensitivity. She is… read analysis of Theodora

Luke Sanderson

A rakish young man, a liar, and a thief who stands to inherit Hill House from his aunt, its current owner. Doctor Montague’s lease on the house carries the stipulation that a member of… read analysis of Luke Sanderson

Mrs. Montague

Doctor Montague’s wife. Mrs. Montague joins the research team at Hill House nearly a week into their tenure there—she sweeps in with little regard for the delicate observations they’ve been doing so far, determined… read analysis of Mrs. Montague
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Mrs. Dudley

The housekeeper and cook at Hill House. Mrs. Dudley speaks in a flat, robotic tone, never conversing with anyone other than to explain her schedule over and over. She and her husband Mr. Dudleyread analysis of Mrs. Dudley

Hugh Crain

The man who built Hill House. Hugh Crain delighted in creating a place which did not subscribe to traditional rules of design and architecture, seemingly hoping to make the house as disorienting as possible… read analysis of Hugh Crain

Old Miss Crain

Hugh Crain’s elder daughter, and one of the previous owners of Hill House. She lived out her life alone and left the house to a young woman from the nearby village who had acted… read analysis of Old Miss Crain
Minor Characters
Arthur Parker
Mrs. Montague’s traveling companion on her journey to Hill House. A brash, imposing, indelicate man who brandishes a gun with gusto, he seems to be the polar opposite of Doctor Montague.
Mr. Dudley
The caretaker at Hill House. An imposing and sarcastic man, he tries to dissuade all who enter Hill House from coming onto the property. He is married to Mrs. Dudley, and both of them undertake their duties at the house in a begrudging and fearful manner.
Eleanor’s sister. She seems to view Eleanor as a burden and a simpleton, and she doesn’t show any thanks to Eleanor for caring for their ailing mother for over a decade.
Eleanor’s Brother-in-law
Carrie’s husband. A cruel, sniping man whom Eleanor dislikes.