The Hiding Place


Corrie Ten Boom

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Toos Character Analysis

A saleslady and bookkeeper at the watch shop. Toos is so unfriendly and bad-natured that most people don’t want to employ her, but Father has not only kept her on but softened her with his courtesy and patient nature. Toos stays with the family throughout the war and assists Corrie in turning the house into an illicit shelter.
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Toos Character Timeline in The Hiding Place

The timeline below shows where the character Toos appears in The Hiding Place. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The One Hundredth Birthday Party
Tolerance Theme Icon
Soon the apprentice Hans arrives, followed by the shop saleslady, Toos. Toos has such a harsh and negative demeanor that she’s almost unemployable, but Father has... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
At eight-thirty, Hans and Toos come upstairs for the daily Bible reading. However, Father doesn’t begin as Christoffels is still... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
...herself is inside it, alongside Father, Betsie, Willem, Peter, and family friends like Pickwick and Toos. She feels that they should get off the wagon, but she doesn’t know what to... (full context)
Moral Choices Theme Icon
By the fifth drill, they’ve reduced their time to two minutes. Meanwhile, Corrie, Toos, and Father develop stalling techniques they can use if the Gestapo come into the shop. (full context)
Storm Clouds Gather
Faith and Action Theme Icon
One morning Toos brings a letter to Corrie from the chief of police, ordering her to report to... (full context)
The Raid
Family Theme Icon
...his hour of need. Corrie tells him to come back in an hour and sends Toos to the bank for the money. Then she stumbles upstairs to bed, shaking with cold. (full context)
Tolerance Theme Icon
Downstairs Father, Betsie, and Toos are sitting against the wall, along with three underground workers who had been in the... (full context)
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Tolerance Theme Icon return to her. Eventually, she finds that while Betsie is still in prison, Nollie, Toos, Peter, Pickwick, Willem, and everyone else from the raid has been released. Only about Father... (full context)
The Three Visions
Faith and Action Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon hiding. He warns her to be prepared when she gets to the Beje; while Toos has bravely kept the watch shop going, several homeless families have been housed there as... (full context)
Family Theme Icon
...the Beje, she finds Nollie and her daughters cleaning it thoroughly. With her sister and Toos she walks through the house, remembering all the meals and fond evenings they shared with... (full context)