The Hiding Place


Corrie Ten Boom

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Faith and Action

The Hiding Place tells the story of Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch woman who, alongside her family, sheltered and saved the lives of dozens of Jews during the Holocaust. Born into an extremely religious Christian family, Corrie is taught that God is active in everyday life and that all worldly events are the result of a divine plan. This belief gives Corrie the strength to withstand the misfortunes that befall her, especially after she…

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In The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom and her family help dozens of Jews escape the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Holland. An extremely religious family, the ten Booms are defined by their religious beliefs. However, rather than seeing religion as something that sets them apart or makes them better than others, the ten Booms feel that tolerance and inclusivity are among Christianity’s strongest imperatives. Corrie portrays tolerance—of religious minorities and other marginalized groups—not just as…

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In The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom and her family witness and experience great injustice as they shelter Jews in their house during the Nazi occupation of Holland. Although Corrie is often angered by the behavior of those around her, she tries to resist these feelings, believing that as a Christian she should not hold grudges but instead forgive those who have harmed her, even when it seems impossible to do so. Corrie argues…

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In The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom tells the story of her family’s participation in an underground movement to shelter Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland in World War II. Although the memoir is centered around Corrie’s experiences, it also emphasizes the extent to which she is grounded in a strong family network. As she comes of age, Corrie’s family provides a firm moral and religious framework, while also liberating her from some…

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Moral Choices

In The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom relates her family’s mission to save Jews during the World War II Nazi occupation of Holland. In order to procure safe houses and facilitate these people’s escape from the country, Corrie develops a wide network of sympathetic and trustworthy people who provide resources, information, and even money. Her experience as a member of the underground shows her the capacity of ordinary people to be brave and selfless…

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