The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue


V. E. Schwab

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Characters

Adeline “Addie” LaRue

Addie, the novel’s 23-year-old protagonist, is fiercely independent—she longs for a life of adventure outside of Villon-sur-Sarthe, her small French village. Addie longs to be like Estele, an eccentric old woman who prays to… read analysis of Adeline “Addie” LaRue

Luc/The Darkness/The Stranger

The novel’s antagonist, Luc is the demonic entity who grants Addie her freedom and immortality—on the grounds that she surrenders her soul to him once she grows bored of life. He assumes the appearance of… read analysis of Luc/The Darkness/The Stranger

Henry Strauss

Henry is in his late 20s and working at a bookshop when he meets Addie—and becomes the first person in 300 years to remember her. Having recently dropped out of graduate school, Henry feels… read analysis of Henry Strauss


Estele is an eccentric old woman who lives in Addie’s hometown, the small French village of Villon-sur-Sarthe. Estele eschews social norms and does as she pleases. She is single and doesn’t have children, and… read analysis of Estele

Toby Marsh

Toby Marsh is musician with whom Addie has a romantic affair at the beginning of the novel, in 2014. It saddens Addie that each beautiful night they spend together must inevitably end in awkwardness when… read analysis of Toby Marsh
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Sam is a painter who lives in New York. Addie and Sam were involved in a months-long passionate affair in the recent past, though it’s not by Addie’s choice that the affair remained passionate—she really… read analysis of Sam


Bea is Henry’s good friend. She’s an art student who is in the process of writing her dissertation. Bea, like everyone besides Henry, forgets Addie each time they part ways, and so once Henry… read analysis of Bea


Robbie is one of Henry’s closest friends. He’s an actor who has an intense, theatrical personality that can be overdramatic and grating to those around him. Robbie and Henry dated some time before the… read analysis of Robbie

Remy Laurent

Remy Laurent is a young man Addie meets in Paris on July 29, 1724—the 10-year anniversary of Addie and Luc’s deal. Addie is dressed as a man, as this makes her feel safer walking… read analysis of Remy Laurent

Jean LaRue (Addie’s Father)

Addie’s father is her favorite person in the world, and it devastates Addie when Luc’s curse causes him to forget her. Addie is six when her father, a woodworker, takes her with him to… read analysis of Jean LaRue (Addie’s Father)

Marthe LaRue (Addie’s Mother)

Addie’s mother loves but fails to understand Addie. She only calls Addie by her full name, Adeline, believing “Addie” to be unladylike. She adheres to the social norms that govern life in Villon, and… read analysis of Marthe LaRue (Addie’s Mother)

Isabelle Therault

Isabelle Therault is Addie’s best friend in Villon-sur-Sarthe. Unlike Addie, Isabelle has no desire to venture beyond Villon, and so she doesn’t understand Addie’s adventurous spirit. After Addie starts praying to the old gods… read analysis of Isabelle Therault

Tabitha Masters

Tabitha is Henry’s ex-girlfriend. He proposed to her, and she said no, seemingly because Henry was too unsure of who he wanted to be or what he wanted out of life. Henry takes the… read analysis of Tabitha Masters

David Strauss

David Strauss is Henry’s older brother. He’s a highly successful surgeon at the top of his field. Before Henry’s deal with Luc, David was judgmental of Henry for being so forlorn, unambitious (he… read analysis of David Strauss

Muriel Strauss

Muriel Strauss is Henry’s younger sister. She’s an art critic and, like David, is highly successful in her field. She’s also exuberant and confident—in other words, the total opposite of Henry. Muriel loves… read analysis of Muriel Strauss

Henry’s Mother

Henry’s mother lives upstate with Henry’s father. She, like the rest of the Strauss family, is unhappy about Henry’s aimlessness. Before Luc’s curse enchants everyone to want, love, or appreciate Henry, Henry’s mother’s… read analysis of Henry’s Mother

Henry’s Father

Henry’s father lives upstate with Henry’s mother. Before Luc’s curse enchants everyone to want, love, or appreciate Henry, Henry’s father often criticizes Henry for Henry’s lack of a career and his general… read analysis of Henry’s Father

Dean Melrose

Dean Melrose is the dean of the college where Henry attended graduate studies in theology before eventually dropping out. Back when Henry was a student, Melrose was disappointed in Henry for being so aimless and… read analysis of Dean Melrose

Madame Geoffrin

Madame Geoffrin is a French salonnière. Addie repeatedly meets her in Paris and eventually learns just what to say to impress the woman and receive an invitation to her weekly salons, thus allowing Addie… read analysis of Madame Geoffrin

James St. Clair

James St. Clair is an actor whom Addie meets in New York some time before the novel’s present day. Addie stays at his New York apartment when she knows he’s out of town for a… read analysis of James St. Clair


Vanessa is an attractive barista at a coffeeshop Henry frequents. Before Henry’s deal with Luc, Vanessa hardly notices Henry. Afterward, though, she becomes obsessed with him. They briefly date, but when Henry asks Vanessa… read analysis of Vanessa

The Marquis and His Wife

The marquis and his wife travel frequently, and Addie often stays at their luxurious house when they are out of town. Addie happens to be at their house in 1719, on the anniversary of Addie… read analysis of The Marquis and His Wife


Ludwig von Beethoven was a Romantic-era composer of classical music. The book suggests that Beethoven made a deal with the devil—with Luc—in exchange for fame and success. In 1827, Luc transports himself and Addieread analysis of Beethoven


Max is an artist Addie meets and has a brief romance with in Los Angeles in 1952. He’s a sculptor whose wealthy family pays his way. They’re at a bar when Luc suddenly appears—notably not… read analysis of Max


Fred is an old man who sells his late wife’s books at a table he sets up on the sidewalk in Brooklyn. Addie passes by Fred often, though, of course, he doesn’t remember her. Once… read analysis of Fred

George Caron

George Caron is a man from Addie’s village, Villon-sur-Sarthe. He starts paying attention to Addie when she turns 16. Addie doesn’t dislike George in particular, but she doesn’t want to be anybody’s wife, so… read analysis of George Caron


Roger is a widower from Addie’s village, Villon-sur-Sarthe. He chooses Addie, then 23, to be his second wife and care for him and his children. Addie recoils at the idea of being anybody’s wife… read analysis of Roger


Michel is a French baker who owns a French bakery in Brooklyn. Addie charms Michel by speaking French with him and pretending to be a friend of his daughter. Overjoyed to speak in his native… read analysis of Michel
Minor Characters
Meredith is the owner of The Last Word. She uses the life insurance payout she received after her husband’s death to travel and is rarely in the shop, which makes Henry feel like the place is practically his.
Matteo is a Venetian artist. Addie poses for him in 1806 and appears as a recurring subject in a number of his subsequent artworks.
Josh is Bea’s roommate. Though Josh tries to flirt with Robbie and Bea’s dinner party, Robbie is too fixated on Henry to pay any attention to Josh.
Elise is Bea’s current girlfriend.
Mathieu Caron
Mathieu Caron is Isabelle’s young son.
Sara Caron
Sara Caron is Isabelle’s infant daughter.
Book is the cat who lives at The Last Word. Addie eventually convinces Henry to take Book home with him.
Maxine is Addie’s family’s mule.