The Invisible Man


H. G. Wells

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Griffin/The Invisible Man

Griffin is the novel’s anti-hero and the titular “Invisible Man.” A former medical student at University College London, he never graduated and instead began pursuing research into light and optics. Griffin ended up discovering a… read analysis of Griffin/The Invisible Man

Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall is a woman who lives in Iping and who runs the Coach and Horses Inn with her husband, Mr. Hall. She is a polite, decent woman who fatefully overlooks Griffin’s strange… read analysis of Mrs. Hall

Thomas Marvel

Thomas Marvel is a “tramp” (homeless person) who lives in the Sussex countryside. Griffin strikes up an alliance with him, flattering him by telling him that he has chosen him specially to help him. Marvel… read analysis of Thomas Marvel

Doctor Kemp

Doctor Kemp is a medical doctor who lives in Port Burdock. He is tall and fair-haired; he also has a highly rational, even-tempered, non-superstitious disposition. He studied with Griffin at University College London. Griffin ends… read analysis of Doctor Kemp

Mr. Wicksteed

Mr. Wicksteed is a man in his forties who uses a walking stick and is known as being a completely “inoffensive” person. He is the steward to Lord Burdock. He is murdered by Griffinread analysis of Mr. Wicksteed
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Minor Characters
Millie is Mrs. Hall’s incompetent assistant at the Coach and Horses.
Teddy Henfrey
Teddy Henfrey is Iping’s local clock-fixer, who mends the clock inside the inn’s parlor room that Griffin is using as a study room.
Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall is Mrs. Hall’s husband. He is more superstitious and timid than his wife, and believes that they should kick out Griffin soon after he arrives at the inn.
Fearenside is the local “carrier” in Iping, meaning that he transports goods around town. He brings Griffin’s luggage to the Coach and Horses, and while there Fearenside’s dog bites Griffin. Fearenside falsely believes that Griffin is a “piebald,” a term for animals with patches of different colored skin.
Dr. Cuss
Dr. Cuss is the local doctor in Iping. He is extremely curious about Griffin.
Rev. Mr. Bunting
Bunting is the local vicar in Iping. He is a kind, friendly man, who is embarrassed by his lack of knowledge of Ancient Greek, which he is supposed to know as a reverend. His vicarage is robbed by Griffin.
Mrs. Bunting
Mrs. Bunting is Bunting’s wife.
Sandy Wadgers
Sandy Wadgers is the local blacksmith in Iping.
Bobby Jaffers
Bobby Jaffers is the local constable (police officer) in Iping.
Gibbins is an amateur naturalist who lives in Iping.
Mr. Huxter
Mr. Huxter is a local man in Iping. He pursues Marvel when he tries to steal Griffin’s belongings.
The Mariner
The mariner has a conversation about the Invisible Man with Thomas Marvel while Marvel is resting in Port Burdock.
The barman works at the Jolly Cricketers pub in Port Burdock.
The Off-duty Policeman
The off-duty policeman is drinking at the Jolly Cricketers when a fight breaks out with Griffin. Griffin shoots him, but he survives.
Kemp’s Servant
Kemp’s servant, whose name is never given, assists him at his house in Port Burdock.
Colonel Adye
Colonel Adye is a local colonel and friend of Doctor Kemp’s who lives in Port Burdock and helps to bring down Griffin. He is shot by Griffin, but survives.
Griffin’s Father
The book gives little information about Griffin’s father, other than that Griffin stole money from him that did not actually belong to him. Following this theft, Griffin’s father killed himself.
Griffin’s Neighbor
Griffin’s neighbor is an elderly woman whose cat Griffin steals and makes invisible, torturing it in the process.
Griffin’s Landlord
Griffin’s landlord is a Jewish man who grows suspicious of Griffin when he conducts the invisibility experiments in his room.
The Shopkeeper
The shopkeeper is a man who works in a shop on Drury Lane that Griffin breaks into shortly after becoming invisible. Griffin beats him and throws his body down the stairs, before leaving the shop.
Lord Burdock
Lord Burdock is a local aristocrat who only appears in the narrative indirectly through the murder of his steward, Mr. Wicksteed.
Mr. Heelas
Mr. Heelas is Kemp’s next-door neighbor. He is one of the few people who doesn’t believe in the Invisible Man. However, when Kemp comes running to his house claiming he is being chased by the Invisible Man, Mr. Heelas locks the doors, refusing to help.