The Island of Dr. Moreau


H. G. Wells

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Edward Prendick / The Narrator

Prendick is the protagonist and narrator of the story. A presumably wealthy and well-educated gentleman, Prendick took up natural history as a way to bring some adventure back to his independent, comfortable, domestic life in… read analysis of Edward Prendick / The Narrator

Dr. Moreau / The White-Haired Man

Moreau is a vivisectionist (someone who operates on live animals) who embodies the dark potential of scientific research when it is unrestrained by ethics or accountability to society. After his disturbing research in vivisection was… read analysis of Dr. Moreau / The White-Haired Man

Montgomery / The Young Man

Montgomery is Moreau’s assistant on the island and rescues Prendick and nurses him back to health after Prendick is shipwrecked and lost at sea. Montgomery, being a degenerate and an alcoholic, contrasts sharply against… read analysis of Montgomery / The Young Man

M’ling / The Strange-Looking Man

M’ling is Montgomery’s manservant and the most sophisticated of the Beast Folk. M’ling is aboard the ship on which Montgomery rescues Prendick, and is thus the first of the Beast Folk that… read analysis of M’ling / The Strange-Looking Man

The Sayer of the Law

The Sayer of the Law is a sort of priest amongst the Beast Folk, the religious leader responsible for teaching the Law and venerating its commandments. Upon Prendick’s initial arrival in the Beast… read analysis of The Sayer of the Law
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The Puma

The Puma is the only character in the story who is depicted undergoing the transformation from animal to Beast Folk. For most of the story, only the Puma’s screams are heard as it undergoes… read analysis of The Puma

The Ape Man

The Ape Man discovers Prendick when he is hiding from Moreau for fear that he will be vivisected. The Ape Man initially believes Prendick to be one of the Beast Folk—since he is not… read analysis of The Ape Man

The Leopard Man / The Beastly Man

The Leopard Man is the first of the Beast Folk that Prendick sees exhibiting animal-like behavior and, during Prendick’s first foray into the forest, chases him down the beach. The Leopard Man seems to be… read analysis of The Leopard Man / The Beastly Man

The Hyena-Swine

The Hyena-Swine is the most powerful and fearsome of the Beast Folk, and with the Leopard Man, swiftly regresses back into an animal. With the death of Moreau, the Hyena-Swine understands that… read analysis of The Hyena-Swine

The Pink Sloth Creature

The pink sloth creature is the closest thing to a child among the Beast Folk, being small and mute and looking rather like a “flayed child.” After it has almost entirely regressed to animalism… read analysis of The Pink Sloth Creature

The Dog Man

The Dog Man becomes a loyal companion to Prendick, believing in his authority and the Law even after the other Beast Folk have abandoned it. After society has crumbled, the Dog Man protects Prendick… read analysis of The Dog Man

Captain Davis

Davis is the captain of the Ipecacuanha, the ship which Montgomery and M’ling are traveling aboard when they rescue Prendick. Davis is a raging drunk and a tyrant. He declares that he is… read analysis of Captain Davis