The Jilting of Granny Weatherall


Katherine Anne Porter

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The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Characters

Granny / Ellen Weatherall

Granny Weatherall is the protagonist of the story, an eighty-year-old woman on her deathbed. While the narrative is in fact written in the third person, its stream-of-consciousness style closely follows Granny’s wandering thoughts through the… read analysis of Granny / Ellen Weatherall


Cornelia is Granny Weatherall’s daughter, and is the child seemingly most involved in caring for her sick mother. Readers are not told much about her other than through Granny’s (mostly irritable) opinions of her… read analysis of Cornelia

Doctor Harry

Doctor Harry is another character who attempts to care for Granny Weatherall despite her objections. He is fairly patronizing towards Granny, but this is arguably a natural reaction to her defiance, and because he knows… read analysis of Doctor Harry


Hapsy was seemingly Granny’s favorite child, and certainly the child she most longs to see in her dying moments. Hapsy died years previously, possibly as she gave birth to the baby that Granny sees… read analysis of Hapsy


The story reveals little about George, other than that he is the man who jilted Granny Weatherall at the altar many decades earlier. Despite this, he plays an extremely important role in the story, given… read analysis of George
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Father Connolly

Father Connolly is the priest who comes to visit Granny Weatherall before her death. He is also the priest who was originally going to marry Granny and George, and he even offers to kill… read analysis of Father Connolly
Minor Characters
John was Granny Weatherall’s later husband, and the father of their children. The story doesn’t reveal much about him, other than the fact that he died fairly young, had blue eyes, and was a good man. Granny loved and respected him.
Another of Granny’s children, whose hand she holds as she dies.
Granny’s daughter, who rushes to see her before her death.