The Jungle

The Jungle


Upton Sinclair

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Nicholas Schliemann Character Analysis

Nicholas Schliemann is a vehement and intelligent advocate of socialism who speaks at length during a pro-socialist meeting held at Fisher's house. He sees socialism as a way to realize his vision of an egalitarian utopia, which he describes at length in the hopes of enlightening an anti-socialist magazine editor.
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Nicholas Schliemann Character Timeline in The Jungle

The timeline below shows where the character Nicholas Schliemann appears in The Jungle. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 31
The Horrors of the Meatpacking Industry Theme Icon
Labor Rights and Socialism Theme Icon
...prominent anti-socialist magazine editor, about the horrors of the meat industry. Also in attendance is Dr. Nicholas Schliemann , an erudite Swede who speaks eloquently and powerfully about the way institutions of government... (full context)
Labor Rights and Socialism Theme Icon
Another guest, a socialist preacher named Lucas, objects to Schliemann's sweeping denunciation of religion. The two argue back and forth until they are asked to... (full context)