The Lady or the Tiger?


Frank Stockton

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The Lady or the Tiger? Characters

The king

The “semi-barbaric” tyrant of a kingdom somewhat influenced by distant “Latin” neighbors, the king has grandiose ideals, not least among them that justice should be administered with absolute impartiality, by chance. It is to this… read analysis of The king

The princess

The king’s beloved daughter, the princess inherits her father’s barbarically grandiose idealism and fiery passion. When her lover, the young man, is condemned to trial by public arena, the princess uses gold… read analysis of The princess

The young man

One of the king’s courtiers and the princess’s lover, the young man is condemned to trial by public arena for aspiring to love one so far above him. He is “tall, beautiful, fair,” one… read analysis of The young man

The audience

The people of the kingdom who gather at the public arena to be entertained and pleased by the trials held there. The king’s system of poetic justice is especially popular with audience members because… read analysis of The audience