The Lady With the Dog


Anton Chekhov

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The Lady With the Dog Characters

Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov

Dmitri Gurov is the protagonist of The Lady with the Dog. An unhappily married banker on vacation by himself in Yalta when he meets Anna, he decides to start an affair with her… read analysis of Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov

Anna Sergeevna Von Dideritz

Anna is the titular character of the story, the Lady with the dog. She travels to Yalta ostensibly for a vacation her that husband will join later on. Instead, she begins an affair with… read analysis of Anna Sergeevna Von Dideritz

Gurov’s Wife

Gurov’s Wife has been married to Gurov for over ten years at the start of the story and had three children with him, but she does not come with him to Yalta. She is described… read analysis of Gurov’s Wife

Anna’s Husband

Anna’s husband is some sort of official in St. Petersburg who means to come down to vacation in Yalta with Anna, but grows ill and never makes it. When Gurov sees him at the… read analysis of Anna’s Husband

Gurov’s Daughter

Gurov’s daughter is the one child who still lives at home with Gurov and Gurov’s Wife. The only information given about her is that she is twelve years old. Neither she nor her two… read analysis of Gurov’s Daughter
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Minor Characters
The Pomeranian
The Pomeranian is the titular dog in “The Lady with the Dog,” which Anna brings with her on vacation to Yalta. Chekhov never reveals its actual name, and the only detail given about it is that it is a small, white dog.
An Official
The official is one of Gurov’s many Moscow acquaintances. Gurov begins to tell him about Anna, but the importance and significance of their relationship passes right over the official’s head.