The Last Leaf


O. Henry

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Joanna (“Johnsy”)

A young artist from California. She lives with Sue in a studio apartment in Greenwich Village and has long dreamed of visiting Italy to paint the Bay of Naples. She falls seriously ill with pneumonia… read analysis of Joanna (“Johnsy”)


A young artist from Maine. She is very close to Johnsy, cooking for her, caring for her, and financially supporting her in her illness. When the doctor visits, Sue tells him firmly that Johnsy… read analysis of Sue


An old and somewhat cantankerous artist who lives downstairs from Sue and Johnsy. He has been painting for four decades without any commercial success, but still hopes to paint what he calls his “masterpiece.”… read analysis of Behrman


A busy, older man with “shaggy grey eyebrows” who attends to Johnsy and Behrman. He diagnoses Johnsy with mental as well as physical illness, telling Sue that he cannot help a patient with medicine… read analysis of Doctor