The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes



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The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes Characters

Lazaro de Tormes

Lazaro is the story’s narrator and protagonist. Born to a poor family in Spain and given away by his mother at a young age, Lazaro spends his childhood serving many different masters who treat him… read analysis of Lazaro de Tormes

The blind man

The blind man is Lazaro’s first master, about whom Lazaro writes the most. A miserly and streetwise old beggar, the blind man earns a living by travelling from town to town saying prayers and blessings… read analysis of The blind man

The priest

The priest of Maqueda is Lazaro’s second master, more selfish and stingy than even the blind man. He agrees to take Lazaro on as a servant, but he deprives Lazaro of food while he… read analysis of The priest

The squire

The squire, Lazaro’s third master, is a figure of minor nobility who is obsessed with maintaining an appearance of wealth that he does not have. He dresses in fine clothes and carries a nice sword… read analysis of The squire

The seller of indulgences

The seller of indulgences is Lazaro’s fifth master. He makes a living by selling articles that are believed to pardon the sins of those who purchase them. He is a conman, in short—a cunning master… read analysis of The seller of indulgences
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A black man and a slave who works in the stables of the Comendador of La Magdalena, Zaide becomes the lover of Antona Pérez after Lazaro’s father is exiled. Zaide is also the father… read analysis of Zaide

The archpriest

The archpriest of San Salvador, a high-ranking clergyman, takes a liking to Lazaro and offers Lazaro one of his maids to marry. Lazaro soon discovers that his new wife is the archpriest’s mistress, but he… read analysis of The archpriest

The friar

The friar is Lazaro’s fourth master, whom Lazaro serves for only a brief time. Because he is a monk, the friar is presumed to have recused himself from worldly matters, but he seems to spend… read analysis of The friar

Tomé González

Lazaro’s father, a miller who is caught stealing from the mill and is exiled as punishment. He then dies while fighting in a military campaign against the Moors (a northwestern African Muslim people who had… read analysis of Tomé González
Minor Characters
Antona Pérez
Lazaro’s mother and the widow of Tomé González, Antona Pérez struggles to provide for her children before finally giving Lazaro away to his first master, the blind man.
The chaplain
The chaplain is Lazaro’s seventh master, about whom little is said. He employs Lazaro by putting him in charge of a donkey and several jars of water, and for several years Lazaro makes a decent living selling water in his service.
The neighbors
Lazaro’s neighbors while he is living with the squire are poor but generous women who make their living spinning cotton. They give Lazaro food when he needs it and defend him against the townspeople who falsely accuse him of stealing from the squire.
The first constable
The constable is a corrupt officer of the law who accuses the seller of indulgences of fraud but then later helps him deceive the townspeople into buying indulgences.
The second constable
Lazaro’s eighth master, whom he serves only very briefly because the job seems dangerous. Lazaro abandons the constable as the constable is getting beaten-up by a band of fugitives.
The tambourine painter
Lazaro’s sixth master. Lazaro helps him mix his paints, and claims to have suffered a thousand indignities in his service, though no more detail is given.
Lazaro’s wife
The archpriest’s maid and, as Lazaro later finds out after marrying her, mistress.
Comendador of La Magdalena
The master of Lazaro’s mother.
The creditors
The man and woman who come to the squire’s house to collect rent.
The tinker
The man who gives Lazaro a spare key to the priest’s chest
The innkeeper’s wife
Nurses Lazaro back to health after the episode with the sausage